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The best training you can get is the free spotter training class offered several times a year by the National Weather Service (usually during the Jan-Mar months).  It is recommended that you attend at least one of these each year and if possible attend more than one (especially if you intend on being a spotter). You will likely learn something new each time, and get a very solid foundation on the basics.

There is also some very useful training material online:

Storm Spotter's Guide   (excellent resource from NWS WFO in Norman, Ok.)
Glossary of Weather Terms for Spotters   (NWS WFO in Norman, Ok.)
Severe Thunderstorm Climatology   (NSSL in Norman, Ok.)
NOAA Weather Radio   (NWS Tulsa)
The Online Tornado FAQ   (Roger Edwards - SPC Norman, Ok.)
Photo site with lots of weather related photography  (no commercial affiliation with the site, good reference pictures)
Flash Flood and Flood Safety   (NWS Office Climate, Water, and Weather Services)
Tornado Safe Rooms   (FEMA website)