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Adriatic Sea Multi-vortex Water SpoutsAlthough there is a certain amount of danger in spotting and chasing near tornadoes, the danger can be minimized if a few simple rules are followed.  Spotters should have a clear picture of the tornado's movement.  There is no one who should be stationary in the projected path of the tornado and no spotter should ever stop their engines during a tornado intercept (except to refuel if absolutely needed).

No Spotter should ever knowingly position themselves in the projected path of a tornado.   Further, it is not uncommon for other tornadoes to form near an existing tornado.   Therefore, if Spotters are working one tornado, they should remain alert to the possible development of other tornadoes nearby, and be prepared to leave the scene immediately if another tornado develops in a threatening location.   Make sure that someone regularly scans the sky, including the part directly overhead, for threatening developments.

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